Comments from guests include:

“Adding of Gen. and Mrs. Lee to the program was awesome.”

“Great intersection of the unknown with the arrival of Gen. Robert E. Lee.”

“We left thinking we had been in the presence of Gen. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee.”

“The Lees stayed in character throughout the entire performance.”

“Reality personified.”

“Very enjoyable. Great, quality information. I left wanting to know more about not only Robert E. Lee, but a great woman, Mary Lee, as well.”

“I loved everything. Having Gen. Lee and his wife in attendance was memorable.”

“Gen. Lee’s masterful, mellifluous delivery captivated every person present.”

“The Lees’ presence jumpstarted our visit to Gettysburg.”

“Frank Orlando’s passion for leadership and sharing Robert E. Lee’s perspective on the war was always present in his actions and words.”

“It was the most serendipitous moment when Robert E. Lee came into the RULE Study Institute just as our featured speaker was elaborating upon Lee’s finer points of leadership. We could not have scheduled a more spot on moment.”

“I finally know what Robert E. Lee was thinking when he led the Army of Northern Virginia into Gettysburg on July 1, 1863, and why he made the decision he did in April of 1861 to reject command of the United States Army when it was offered to him.”

“The back and forth dialog between the Lees was unbelievably realistic. How refreshing to see and hear a feisty, sassy, liberated woman of the 1860’s as personified by Bonnie Orlando’s portrayal of Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee.”