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After the War Between the States, whenever Robert E. Lee was questioned, frequently by his former comrades-in-arms in the United States Army, as to the reason he rejected command of the United States Army when it was offered to him by Francis Blair, acting on behalf of Abraham Lincoln, Lee always answered in the same, consistent manner by answering “that his rejection was predicated upon two of the most sublime, if not the most sublime, words in the English language : duty and honor. I can only do what my duty demands. I can never do more. I can never desire to do less. I can take no other course without dishonor.” This simple response is what Frank Orlando, Civil War living historian, utilizes as the basis for the vast majority of his presentations to leadership groups, school groups, veterans and community organizations, reenactment and encampment activities, group tours, “meet and greets” at large hotel complexes, etc., as those two words embody all that is good about Robert E. Lee.